About Reut: Methodology


Systemic Policy Design

Reut has developed a unique application of the PRAXIS ® Systemic Policy Design platform. SPD is a unique package of design processes, methods, and software tools that helps track policy conditions of a dynamic and uncertain nature.

Based on this platform, our work is divided into several stages:

Reut process 200px

  • Identifying Un-Knowns-Un-Knowns - Reut begins by identifying the tacit and explicit working assumptions that shape Israeli policy; reframing them; and checking their relevance in relation to the potential diverging reality.

  • Knowledge Development - Reut then moves into knowledge development regarding those areas where the tacit and explicit working assumptions are rendered irrelevant.

    In this manner, we aid Israeli decision-makers to identify the areas where they "don't know that they don't know" in order to avoid strategic surprises and seize strategic opportunities.

  • Impact - Finally, Reut transfers the new knowledge to the Israeli government agencies; generates a conversation; catalyzes the closing of the relevancy gap; and "exits" when the government "enters".