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Decision-Support Services

Reut provides a variety of decision-support services to Israel's decisionmakers and government agencies:

  • 'Exploring the Directive' - Helping decision-makers gain a better grasp of their objectives, playing field and tools, as well as those of the adversary;

  • 'Knowledge Creation' in a specific topic with regard to strategic surprises and opportunities;

  • 'Yallah-Wallah (Wow-Move-On) Presentations' - a cluster of insights provided to help avoid strategic surprises and seize strategic opportunities;

  • 'Clusters of Products' offering access to packages of policy-products tailored around specific needs;

  • 'Reut's Website', a one-stop-shop that offers updated insights on national security and socio-economic challenges.

In the near future, Reut will launch a new decision-support service, the Reut Policy Network, which is made up of two services:

  • 'Engaging Researchers' allowing the demand for research by government agencies to meet the supply of intellectual capital and willingness to do research by students of advanced degrees in Israel and around the world; Read more...

  • 'Engaging the Experts' allowing the demand for expertise by government agencies to meet the supply of people who are willing to help. Read more...


Reut produces a variety of research products - each with a specific role in influencing the decision-making process.

Product Type - Policy
Frames and analyzes options available to decisionmakers and evaluates their relevance in different ideological and factual contexts.

Product Type - Systemic Overview
Takes one issue and identifies all other issues that are related to it.

Product Type - FEW
Focuses on challenging a working assumption which may have been rendered irrelevant, a central element of Reut's interaction with government agencies.

Product Type - Point of View
Offers brief, real-time analysis of strategic implications of on-going developments.

Product Type - Analysis-Base
Maps the interconnectedness between actors, trends, interests and institutional constraints regarding a given policy issue.

Product Type - ReViews
Collects events that constitute a trend, which may render an element of a policy of the government irrelevant.

Product Type - Concepts
Frames and defines a single insight or idea. Concepts relate to insights whose meaning may change from one context to another such as the concept of "Permanent Status".

Product Type - Terms
relate to issues whose meaning does not change contextually, such as the Palestinian Document of National Accord.

All of Reut's Products are available for your use on this site, subject to these Terms of Use.

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