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Gidi Grinstein
Founder and President, Reut Institute

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Gidi Grinstein (37) founded the Reut Institute in January 2004 and serves as its President.

Gidi has served as Secretary and Coordinator of the Israeli negotiation team on the Permanent Status Agreement between Israel and the PLO in the Office and later in the Bureau of Prime Minister Ehud Barak (1999-01).

Gidi is the founder of Yesodot Group for reforming Israeli Governance; a member of Kol-Dor Group for global Jewish Peoplehood; was a member of "Israel 2025 Scenarios for Future Developments"; and was a founding member of a group that worked to realize the vision of "Birthright Israel".

Gidi is a graduate of the Tel-Aviv University schools of Economics (1991) and Law (1999) and of Harvard University Kennedy School of Government as a Wexner-Israel Fellow (2002).

Gidi regularly writes on Israeli National Security, socio-economics, governance and Israel-Diaspora relations in his blog: 'Blogidi: A Link in the Chain'.

Teleconference / Podcasts

Every month, Gidi Grinstein hosts a teleconference for friends and supporters in which he shares Reut's latest analysis and insights focusing on the most relevant policy challenges facing Israeli leaders and decision-makers. To listen to podcasts of these sessions, click here.

To listen to Gidi's speech (in Hebrew) at the Herzliya Conference 2008 on Israel's ability to Leapfrog, click here.

Articles / Op-Eds

For a list of Gidi's recently published articles and op-eds, please click here.

Media Citations

For a list of Gidi's recent media citations, please click here.


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