Project Daniel: Israel's Strategic Future

Project Daniel is a private and informed effort to identify the overriding existential threats to Israel and their prospective remedies.

Beres Louis Rene, The Project Daniel Group, Project Daniel: Israel's Strategic Future, APCR Policy Paper No. 155 (2004)

Project Daniel began with the assumption that Israel's security enviornment must be appraised continuously, and that the threat of irrational state and nonstate enemies aremed with WMD assets represents the single most urgent danger to the country's survival.

Early on the group agreed that while the overall impact of the the threat was extraordinarily high, its probability was considerably less than that of WMD assaults from rational enemy quarters. Reflecting this judgement, the group condluced that Israel's main focus must now be on preventing a coalition of Arab states and/ or Iran from coming into possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Preferably, the group urged this objective be pursued while Israel continues with its present policy of deliberate ambiguity regarding its own nuclear status. The group also concluded that the classic paradigm of war between national armies could become less predictive in the developing Middle East, and that an Israeli "paradigm shift" is therefore required. This shift in orientation and resources would place new emphasis on short- range threats (terrorism) and long- range threats (ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction). Here the group also recommended a corresponding reduction in the resoruces Israel should now allocate to classical warfighting scenarios.

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The Group is comprised of the following individual members

Professor Louis René Beres, Chair, USA
Naaman Belkind, Former Assistant to the Israeli Deputy Minister of Defense for Special Means, Israel
Maj. Gen. (Res.), Israeli Air Force/Professor Isaac Ben-Israel, Israel
Dr. Rand H. Fishbein, Former Professional Staff Member, US Senate Appropriations Committee, and former Special Assistant for National Security Affairs to Senator Daniel K. Inouye, USA
Dr. Adir Pridor, Lt. Col. (Ret.), Israeli Air Force; Former Head of Military Analyses, RAFAEL, Israel
Fmr. MK./Col. (Res.), Israeli Air Force, Yoash Tsiddon-Chatto, Israel

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