Globes: Doing the Thinking

Globes interview the Reut Institute's founder and president, Gidi Grinstein, and describes the unique added value Reut provides to Israeli decision makers.

Vered Kellner, The Globes, 06/05/08.

Having experienced the Camp David Negotiations at Ehud Barak's side, Gidi Grinstein thinks that he has identified a fundamental problem: Israeli decision-makers are not experts in the subjects in which they are meant to make fateful decisions. In order to help them, he offers to think for them.

While his peers were still moving between the cafeteria and lectures for their BA, Gidi Grinstein had already branded his professional ambitions in a three-word slogan: he wants to be dealing with something "interesting, urgent and important." With this in mind, and after finishing his army service, he started working at the ECF (Economic Cooperation Fund), aged 25. This ambition also led him to become the Secretary of the Camp David Delegation at age 29; and drove him to found the Reut Institute at age 34, a think tank which deals with strategic thinking, and which this week held its first ISRAEL 15 conference.

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