Globes: "The Court System is in Total Collapse"

In this article, Prof. Yaacov Ne'eman reviews the changes needed to turn the Israeli economy into one of the leading economies in the world. Within this framework, he promotes the 'Israel 15 Vision' initiated by the Re'ut Institute.

Stella Korin-Lieber, The Globes, 12/04/08.

In this article, Prof. Ne'eman presents the ways to turn the Israeli economy into a leading economy - reduction of bureaucrats in the public sphere, reduction of the number of local authorities and the number of ministers, the lowering of taxes and changing the governance system in order to bring closer the electorates to their representatives.

Prof. Ne'eman assists in promoting the 'Israel 15 Vision'. According to him, "I am amongst those that think that we should change direction and focus on leveraging the perception of the Israeli economy.... We have all the possibilities to leapfrog and become one of the 15 leading countries within the world economy. We know what is deficient in our system and what needs to be repaired. This is what we need to do, and do it immediately".

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