The Marker: A Decent Emergency Plan, Nothing More

In an interview for 'The Marker', Reut's President and Founder, Gidi Grinstein, describes the differences between growth and the phenomenon of leapfrogging. The article emphasizes the importance of initiating leapfrogging in light of the current economical crisis.

Merav Arlozorov, The Marker, 20/11/08.

This article, written by Merav Arlozorov, deals with different issues relevant to upgrading Israel's economy and achieving an economic leapfrog.

Countries whose economies 'leaped' did not leap in the same way and in the same areas. Each country was a unique case and succeeded in creating areas of relative advantage to become global leaders. The common feature was their determination to leap, regardless of the cost.

The will to 'deviate from the economical norm' which characterizes most other countries is not present in the Finance Ministry's current emergency plan. Grinstein emphasizes the need to identify the current crisis as an opportunity to harness the different sectors within Israeli society in order to create partnership around the need for Israel's economy to leapfrog.

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