Update on Action and Impact: National Security Team: Summary of the year 2011
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Update on Action and Impact: National Security Team: Summary of the year 2011

Towards the end of 2011, we look back with significant satisfaction at this past year's efforts to contain the assault on Israel's legitimacy


Towards the end of 2011, we look back with significant satisfaction at this past year's efforts to contain the assault on Israel's legitimacy: Key actors adopted Reut's logic and language, mobilization against delegitimization was prioritized in both Israel and the Jewish world, and several communities made inroads in widening the base of the anti-delegitimization network according to Reut's recommendations.

Reut's published this month a paper shedding light on this year’s relatively successful efforts to contain the assault on Israel's legitimacy (see coverage in the Jerusalem Post) can be regarded as a snapshot of this positive trend .

Reut's efforts in 2010-11

Reut acts as a catalyst, and tries to impact an ‘ecosystem’ comprised of government and civil society actors who work in diverse contexts and are spread all over the world. For this purpose, Reut strives to establish powerful partnerships throughout this environment, and to influence mindsets, as manifested in language, discourse, priorities, symbols, mechanisms, and patterns of conduct. Below are the highlights of Reut's activity in the past two years:

  • Published works – Reut’s process began with the formulation of an impact-oriented ‘conceptual framework’ - Building a Political Firewall against Israel’s Delegitimization – that provided a comprehensive diagnosis, prognosis, and guidelines for addressing the challenge.

  • The launch of the document also launched the Reut team into the forefront of the issue – for example in the wake of the Gaza Flotilla, with Jewish communities and friends of Israel in London and San Francisco, and exploring the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement. This deep engagement fed ongoing knowledge development, manifested in the following documents: The Gaza Flotilla – The Collapse of Israel’s Political Firewall, London as a Case Study, and a report on Reut's team study visit to the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, we published a document on the BDS movement, which exposed its delegitimizing character. This paper informed the following YouTube clip produced by StandWithUs.

  • Consultations – Reut provided multiple consultations to a variety of organizations and Jewish communities, and took part in several closed-doors meetings of relevant elements in the Israeli establishment. In addition, analysts in our team are board members of grassroots organizations that deal with several aspects of delegitimization.

  • Partnerships - Reut partnered with the American Jewish Committee’s young leadership program, ACCESS, to launch a Global Network event, which brought together 275 leader-activists from twenty countries, from dozens of organizations from across the political spectrum and from all the major theaters of confrontation – including labor unions, the academia and the media. The gathering took place in Washington DC in May of 2011.

  • Roundtables and presentations - Reut conducted dozens of presentations and roundtable discussions, for example at the Jewish Agency for Israel’s (JAFI) 2011 General Assembly and Board of Governors Conference in Jerusalem, the Israel Action Network post-GA event titled “Hotspots” of the Delegitimization Movement, and the Big Tent for Israel conference that was held in Manchester, which was based on Reut’s document on London as a hub of delegitimization.

  • Reut’s September campaign – The heightened interest in Israel during this past tumultuous month of September created an opportunity to reengage the Jewish world with Israel and discuss the concepts of broad tent and red lines at the community level. Reut worked to mobilize Jewish communities, as well as to design and plan an ‘education blitz’ for this purpose. Reut partnered with several individuals and organizations, including MAKOM and Gil Troy (the Shalom Hartman Institute) in the field of education, in order to disseminate relevant material for the ‘blitz’ initiative.

Indeed, several events were launched during September and October, including the ACCESS Seminar "On this we agree"; our partnership with the World Jewish Diplomatic Corps, which produced several events around the world; and the independent Hillel Talk Israel campus initiative.

Towards 2012

Reut is very proud to have contributed to the effort to contain delegitimization this year. The assault on Israel as not stopped everywhere, but all over the world Israel and its allies have achieved small but significant ‘triumphs.’

These achievements were primarily the result of growing attention dedicated to the challenge, increasing comprehension of its global nature, and timely dedication of resources to fight against it. This year we saw a coordinated global effort to combat delegitimization on every front, from international forums to university campuses. Indeed, the efforts invested towards this purpose sparked the successful creation of an 'anti-delegitimization network.

In the coming weeks, Reut plans to issue a document that will point out emerging trends likely to shape the form of the assault on Israel's legitimacy in 2012. Indeed, Israel and its allies should not be intoxicated by their achievements, and should be prepared to deal with abrupt changes in the make-up of the political assault on the country’s foundations. The End.