The Reut Institute 2015 Annual Report
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The Reut Institute 2015 Annual Report

We are proud to share with you the progress we have made and milestones we have achieved in 2015, and to outline the directions we plan to pursue in the upcoming year.

This past year has been a fruitful one and ended with a bang: 50% growth for the entire Reut Group! This is an outcome of the consolidation of changes, which have been in the making since 2012, and the result of our investments in the infrastructure of our organization.

Throughout these changes, our vision, mission and purpose have remained unchanged. Reut was founded twelve years ago to create and scale innovative models to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing Israel and the Jewish People, while making a significant and distinctly Jewish and Israeli contribution to humanity. We remain dedicated to this mission.

Looking forward to another great year ahead!

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