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Foxes not Hedgehogs

Team Players

Versatile and Dynamic

Foxes not Hedgehogs

Isaiah Berlin's 'Hedgehogs' were people who have expertise in one defined area, and who constantly try and present things as fitting or not fitting into their system of beliefs. They see and assess things based on one organizing principle. 'Foxes' by contrast, can evaluate the meaning of things based on the movement between different areas of knowledge. They thus understand reality as constantly changing.

The Reut Institute specializes in the areas in between disciplines, while creating new areas of knowledge and the basis for quick decision making. We are looking for 'fox like' people with the following characteristics:

  • Knowledge in one specific area due to professional or research experience as well as the ability to absorb new expertise through an encounter with other worlds of knowledge.

  • Flexibility and openness to absorb different models of knowledge and activities.

  • Ability to deal with long periods of uncertainty while simultaneously maintaining curiosity, flexibility and creative thinking.

Team Players

Reut is based around teams analyzing complex and dynamic environments. The method is based on the PRAXIS Systemic Policy Design platform, a unique package of theory, methodology and software created in order to help designing relevant policy in light of an ever changing reality.

This team model allows us to create new areas of knowledge by combining the different specialist areas of each team member.

In addition, work at Reut is not connected to academia. Our publications are a result of teamwork and are not attributed to any one member of the Institute.

Reut is therefore looking for strong team players with:

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Flexibility and openness to absorbing methods of thinking and activities from other members of the team.

Versatile and Dynamic

As the work at Reut requires short response times, the working environment is dynamic and demands total commitment. We are therefore looking for candidates;

  • Able to work full time (5 days a week 9 - 19.00) in the office

  • Interested in the structure and management of the public sector and awareness of decision making in Israel.

  • Interested in becoming involved with change in the public sphere.

If you are interested in joining the Reut team, a great way to get started is by applying to our internship program. Send resumes to martin@reut-institute.org

The Reut Institute is always looking for highly-qualified team players.