About Reut: Strategy & Leadership Training Program

One of the three pillars of Reut's strategy for making a lasting impact on the security and well-being of the State of Israel and the Jewish People, is to recruit and train Israel's future strategic thinkers.

Our training program is a year-long and provides extensive theoretical, methodological and technical foundations.

These foundations are compounded by intense on-the-job-training dealing with Israel's hottest and most complex issues and key decision-makers on a real time basis.

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Reut hires young people who are committed to serving the Israeli and Jewish public spheres and provides them with a unique training program of leadership and strategic capabilities. This is a central and integral part of our mission as stated in our charter in the provision titled "A School".

Our Four-Phased Program

Our analysts go through a year long comprehensive training program, acquiring four different skill sets, each in a 3-month training cycle (For more information see Analysts' Training Table):

  • Phase I: Personal Capacities - Analysts are trained to develop their capabilities of thinking strategically and creating new insights. This training is based on the Praxis® theory, methodology and computing tools.
  • Phase II: Team Work - Analysts learn how to be members of teams that work together to develop new insights and knowledge on strategic issues.
  • Phase III: Decision-Support - Analysts are trained to provide decision-support services to decision-makers, leaders and key individuals in Israel and the Jewish world. The theoretical basis for this phase is the theory of Professor Ron Heifetz of the Center for Public Leadership of Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.
  • Phase IV: Project and Team Leadership - Trainees acquire the skills of leading teams of analysts or projects, managing both internal knowledge-creation and project-management processes, as well as external decision-support projects for the government agencies and decision-makers.

The Jewish Component

Reut believes that a rich and contextualized understanding of Jewish history and values is a central component of any individual seeking to make a substantive contribution to the public sphere in Israel. As such, our analysts engage in a three-pronged curriculum including Jewish methodologies for analysis of arguments, Jewish history, and Jewish models of situational leadership.

The Jewish component of Reut's training program has been generously donated by the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.

On-going Feedback and Learning

Personal and professional development at Reut does not end with the completion of our one-year program. First, our entire team continues to take part in on-going learning through weekly methodological refreshers and occasional training sessions. Second, Reut has built an extensive feedback mechanism that is designed to nurture permanent personal and professional growth and constant improvement of strategic and leadership skills.