Ha'aretz: The Resistance Network Has Cracked the Israeli Code

Reut’s policy document dealing with the crucial strategic issues facing the Israeli government is one of those that should be considered by Prime Minister Olmert.

Aluf Benn, Ha’aretz, 11/24/06:

The Reut Institute has completed a policy document this week, “Terror is an Existential Threat”, that proposes new thinking about Israel’s national security policy and its central components.

The document’s main message is that Hamas- and Hizbullah-led terrorist actions constitute an existential threat for Israel, in addition to the Iranian nuclear threat and the threat of a single Palestinian state. Yet the current Israeli mindset relates to terror as a tactical issue that requires a localized military response.

Benn states that the ramifications of the Reut Institute's document are troubling:

“Reut's conclusion is cause for concern: "The resistance front has succeeded in causing Israel to suffer from strategic inferiority."

The policy document demonstrates how the Israeli security concept, which relies on military might, is not relevant in the face of the new threats.”

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