Blair calls for Moderate Axis against Resistance Network

In a speech yesterday in Dubai, British PM Tony Blair warned of the rising threat of Iran and its dangerous search for regional hegemony.

At the end of his 6 day visit to Egypt, Iraq, Israel and the Palestinian Authority, British Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday gave a speech in Dubai where he warned of the rising threat of Iran and its dangerous search for hegemony through its search for nuclear weapons and use of proxies.

On Iran's Regional Mode of Operation - "There are elements of the Government of Iran, openly supporting terrorism in Iraq...trying to turn out a democratic government in Lebanon, flouting the international community’s desire for peace in Palestine." (See The Resistance Network and The Proxy Phenomenon).

On the Moderate Axis - "Our response should be to expose what they are doing, build the alliances to prevent it and pin them back across the whole of the region…We must mobilize our alliance of moderation in this region and outside to defeat the extremists. Nothing matters more" (see Moderate Axis).

Iran responded to the comments saying they were "hateful" and consistent with Britain's "destructive intervention in regional matters".


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