Iran's Tools for Building Hegemonic Power

This analysis cites a variety of quotes discerning Iran's foreign policy strategy which includes forging international ties based on common anti-American, political and economic interests.

An overview of the Iranian and Arab press reveals Iran's foreign policy strategy which includes forging international ties based on common anti-American, political and economic interests on the way to building regional hegemony.

Iran seeks to challenge the U.S. SuperpowerIran is exploiting anti-U.S. sentiments in states such as Russia, China, and Latin American:

  • President Ahmadinejad's tour in Latin America ended in Venezuela, where President Chavez agreed to the establishment of a joint fund for thwarting U.S. domination: "It will permit us to underpin investments... above all in those countries whose governments are making efforts to liberate themselves from the [U.S.] imperialist yoke" (Iran News, 01/14/07).

  • Russia's Defense Minister confirmed that Moscow sent air defense missiles to Iran despite recent UN sanctions imposed on Iran: "we are developing the military-technical cooperation with Iran based on international law" (Moscow Times, 01/17/07).

Iran is building financial immunityIran is using its natural resources to build exclusive international financial ties in order to achieve financial immunity and secure itself from future sanctions:

  • Georgian PM is planning to visit Tehran next week with the intention of "promoting Tehran-Tbilisi relations in all fields" (Tehran Times, 01/16/07).

  • Iranian and Singaporean officials met yesterday and discussed the "great potential for economic and trade cooperation." The Singaporean official stated that: "The Islamic Republic can be a good partner for Singapore in the region" (Tehran Times, 01/17/07).

Iran is seeking a political veto in the middle eastIran is becoming a major actor in the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon and Iraq. By offering financial support Iran is 'buying its way' into their local politics:

  • An official of the Hamas-led government proclaimed that Iran has become the Palestinian Authority's largest donor, replacing the European Union. An adviser to PM Haniyeh said: "Iran is the most generous country. They have promised a lot and have given a lot. We wish the Arab countries were as generous" (Aljazeera, 01/16/07).

  • Iran's ambassador to Lebanon announced that Iran was willing to help the Lebanese overcome their ongoing political crisis: "Iran has, since Israel's recent aggression in Lebanon, not spared any help to the Lebanese" (Iran News, 01/17/07).

  • The Iraqi government is solidifying its ties with Iran, against U.S. consent, by elaborating a joint security agreement. Iraq's Foreign Minister stated: "We are bound by geographic destiny to live with [Iran]. [Therefore], the Iraqi government wants to engage them constructively" (Iran News, 01/17/07).


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