Anarchy May Renew Israel's Responsibility in Gaza

Anarchy in Gaza may erode Israel's status of Deluxe Occupation, thus increasing the need to upgrade the political status of the PA and affirm the separation between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Jerusalem Post reports that PA officials are worried that the UN may formally declare the Gaza Strip a dangerous zone - a move that would result in the evacuation of foreign nationals from the area and restrict international humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. In addition, the paper reports the growing fear of EU international observers that their lives may be under threat from increased lawlessness in Gaza.

The Reut Institute warns that continued internecine violence and anarchy in Gaza might negatively affect the will and capacity of the international community to play an active role in the region. Moreover, this could lead to the renewal of Israel's responsibility over the population by eroding the current status of Deluxe Occupation.

Deluxe Occupation refers to a situation in which despite Israel being considered the occupier of the West Bank and Gaza, it currently does not carry the full responsibility which derives from this status, including responsibility for the actual funding and governance of the territory.

However, this may also provide an opportunity to further upgrade the political and sovereign status of the PA so as to increase the separation between Israel and the PA.
(See: Upgrading the PA's Status?)


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