Internet Websites in the UK

The Reut Institute assembled a list of UK Internet Websites in the context of the Home Front.
  • The Government and its Agencies:

    - Home Office, click here.

    - Civil Contingencies Secretariat, click here.

    - Cabinet Office, click here.

    - Communities and Local Government, click here.

    - London Resilience - Preparing for Emergencies, click here.

    - BBC - Connecting in a Crisis, click here.

  • Non-Profit Sector:

    - Community Resilience UK, click here.

    - ALARM - National Forum for Risk Management in the Public Sector, click here.

    - British Civil Defence - Survive and Protect, click here.

    - The Emergency Services Show - Improving Emergency Response, click here.

    - The Business Continuity Institute Symposium, click here.

    - Modern Media Communications, click here.

    - Business Continuity Institute, click here.

    - The Fire Service College, click here.

    - Institute of Civil Defence and Disaster Studies, click here.