Outstanding Issues

This term relates to issues in dispute that Israel and the PLO agreed to defer until permanent status negotiations.


The term Outstanding Issues relates to issues Israel and the PLO agreed in the Declaration of Principles (9/93)1 to defer until Permanent Status negotiations:

  1. Jerusalem and Holy Sites: Status of East Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and Holy Sites such as the Tomb of the Patriarchs, Rachel’s Tomb and Joseph's Tomb.
  2. Palestinian Refugees: The Palestinian refugee issue on all its declarative, legal, civil and socio-economic aspects.
  3. Permanent Borders: The demarcation of territory and borders to establish the division of the sovereign space between Israel and the future Palestinian state.
  4. Settlements: Deciding the future of Israeli settlements.
  5. Security issues: These include Safe Passage between the West Bank and Gaza Strip, joint security arrangements at border crossings, intelligence and operational cooperation including hot pursuit, Israeli early warning stations in the West Bank, law enforcement and shared roads.
  6. Relations with neighboring states: The status of the Israeli presence on the Palestinian/Jordanian and Palestinian/Egyptian borders and Palestinian relations with states which do not recognize the Jewish Right to Self-Determination as embodied by the State of Israel.

1 See the official Knesset website for the text of the Declaration of Principles (Article V Number III).