The JCC Association and Reut: Promoting Jewish Peoplehood

The JCC Association of North America implements the Reut Institute's conceptual framework and practical recommendations in its effort to reevaluate its relationship with Israel

As part of a general review of its vision, mission and strategy, the JCC Association of North America declared its commitment to a new relationship with Israel.

Reut's team worked extensively with the Israel Taskforce of the JCC Association and shared its insights on the new paradigm between Israel and the Jewish world. In turn, the Taskforce incorporated the team's conceptual framework into their Report on Israel Engagement. The report includes suggestions on how to implement activities and programming along the pillars identified in the conceptual framework (for a summary of the conceptual framework, click here).

Upon the completion of the report, the Reut Institute and JCCA Israel Taskforce jointly presented the report's recommendations in the JCC Association's biannual conference in Atlanta, GA.

Finally, the Jewish World team has worked with the JCCA to devise an implementation schedule for the report's recommendations that is based on a pilot program for local JCCs. Reut is closely monitoring this process with periodical meetings with JCCA leadership.

To read the full report, click here.