Jewish World Taskforce: Promoting Jewish Peoplehood. Impact Campaign Strategy: Summer 2011

The Reut Institute’s taskforce on Israel’s relations with the Jewish world continues to identify, partner, and work with relevant Jewish organizations in order to reorganize the Jewish world in a way that addresses the challenges of our time.

Jewish World Taskforce: Promoting Jewish Peoplehood

Impact Campaign Summary

Summer 2011


The Reut Institute's taskforce on Israel's relations with the Jewish world continues to identify, partner, and work with relevant Jewish organizations in order to reorganize the Jewish world in a way that addresses the challenges of our time. These efforts are guided by the taskforce's conceptual framework entitled: "A New Relationship between Israel and the Jewish World" (click here).

Our impact strategy consists of two stages. The first stage is titled ‘One Hub at a Time', designed to trigger change within the main hubs across the Jewish world. The second stage, ‘Platform to Platform' (P2P), is designed to connect the hubs, thus increasing the ripple effects across the ecosystem manifold. We are happy to report that in recent months, we have seen significant progress made on both fronts.

Over the summer, the taskforce has been working extensively with our partners in Israel and is currently developing a new vision for the Israeli Diaspora in the context of the New Paradigm between Israel and the Jewish world. The taskforce is looking forward to publishing its insights in the fall of 2011.

Demonstrated Impact: One Hub at a Time

  • Tel-Aviv - Los Angeles Partnership [as part of Partnership 2Gether] adopts the recommendations of the Reut Institute report - Following a comprehensive evaluation of the untapped potential of the Tel Aviv - Los Angeles Partnership 2Gether (P2G) project, to serve as a platform for direct links between the Jewish communities of Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, the Jewish World taskforce presented the LA Federation with a report. This report outlines criteria for a leading and innovative 21st century model partnership, including specific recommendations for leveraging the unique assets of the TLV-LA partnership. In recent months, members of the Los Angeles Federation arrived in Israel and elected to adopt the findings and recommendations of the report, marking a new and promising chapter in the partnership. The taskforce also launched a document outlining the elements of a generic model partnership.

  • The Jewish Agency's deputy chairperson of the Executive, partners with the Reut Institute on how to leverage JAFI's new strategic plan - Against the backdrop of JAFI's recently updated strategic plan, the Reut Institute was invited to facilitate a series of strategic discussions on the unique value and assets that JAFI's Deputy Chairperson of the Executive can leverage in order to promote the two main drivers of JAFI's strategic plan: Israel experiences and social activism.

  • Israel Leadership Council (ILC) of Los Angeles partners with the taskforce - As part of its current strategic re-visioning effort, the ILC invited the taskforce to think about its potential leadership role. In this context, a report was written and presented to ILC board members in Israel. The report includes both a theoretical framework describing the fledgling phenomenon called the organized Israeli Diaspora, as well as guidelines for how the ILC can best fit into this emerging reality. The report aimed to address the following question: How can the ILC leverage the Israeli Diaspora in the US?

    A follow-up seminar is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles in November, which would include ILC members and guests. The taskforce will be facilitating the seminar, designed to assist the ILC in planning and setting goals for its future.

Demonstrated Impact: Platform-to-Platform

  • New collaboration is formed between Hillel Israel and P2G; new partnerships are formed as a result - The Jewish World taskforce has a long history of close collaboration with the two organizations. This collaboration, based on the unique assets of each organization, has formed around the following vision: "Hillel Israel and P2G share a similar worldview as far as Jewish Peoplehood as an organizing principle for the Jewish people. This idea is based on values such as Jewish identity, social activism, and Tikkun Olam." As a result of this new Partnership, Israeli Hillel and local P2G directors convened and formed new partnerships between Hillel centers in Israel and Jewish communities overseas. Reut opened the day's events and participated in the roundtable discussions.

    In the lead-up to the conference, the taskforce hosted strategic sessions for the collaboration between Hillel Israel and Partnership 2Gether. The third strategic session served to consolidate this collaboration and set both strategic and operational goals.

  • KESHET model continues to thrive (new model of cooperation between six leading organizations: Partnership 2Gether, JCCA, World Confederation of Jewish Community Centers [WCJCC], Israeli Matnasim, Beit Hatfutsot and Reut around the idea of Jewish Peoplehood) - Following the phenomenal success of the March conference, which brought together professional staff and volunteers of each of the organizations, an international steering committee was created to designate volunteers to start executing the ideas for collaborations raised during the roundtable discussions. In July, the first steering committee meeting was convened and considerable progress, including detailed work plans, was made in the effort to strengthen this platform and advance Jewish Peoplehood.

Media & Presentations (select list)

  • Presentation at the Hillel Israel - P2G Conference- Reut's opening presentation outlined the changing trends in the Jewish world and highlighted the role of this innovative platform within the new paradigm, therefore providing the general framework for the conference.
  • Talia Gorodess was quoted in the Jewish Week discussing Takdim, Israel's first philanthropic community fund.
  • 'Returning Citizen': Weekly radio segment in Galey Tzahal (IDF radio station) with Doron Nesher - Talia Gorodess continues to regularly participate in a radio show addressing Israel-Diaspora relations; current Israeli affairs and the future of the State of Israel.


The Reut Institute's Taskforce on Israel's relations with the Jewish world is generously supported by:

  • UJA Federation of NY
  • The Samuel Bronfman Foundation
  • Ms. Raya Strauss Bendror
  • Mr. and Mrs. Adam and Gila Milstein