Firewall: Israel Legitimacy Hackathon
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Firewall: Israel Legitimacy Hackathon

Come and be a part of the first-ever global Israel Legitimacy Hackathon: Bringing activists and thinkers together with cyber and technology experts to build a network and design technological tools to combat the delegitimization of Israel.

The assault on Israel's legitimacy gained momentum during the 2014 Gaza war (see photos). Israel and Jewish communities around the world have confronted escalating attacks from movements and organizations driven by an agenda of seeking to negate Israel's right to exist or of the right of the Jewish people to self-determination.

The effectiveness of their campaigns stems from the ability of Israel's delegitimizers to organize as a network. Significantly, their campaigns – such as those of the BDS Movement – are planned and executed through the internet.

The communities on the front line of contending with the assault on Israel's legitimacy need better technological tools that will make the fight against the BDS Movement and Israel’s delegitimizers far more effective and efficient.

Firewall: The Israel Legitimacy Hackathon, a Reut Institute initiative, is a three-day marathon for technological development. We are bringing together tech and cyber developers, PR people, activists, and community leaders from around the world to develop, prototype, and scale tools to fight delegitimization.