Convergence and Palestinian Demilitarization

In a column in Ha'aretz Ze'ev Schiff warns that a unilateral Israeli re-alignment will severely compromise the principle of PL demilitarization, and might infringe upon Jordanian stability

Schiff claims that unilateral steps, without coordination with the Palestinian are, in effect, an Israeli concession of the demilitarization of the territories. The reality of an armed Palestinian entity, he continues, is already evolving in the aftermath of the Gaza disengagement and is expected to happen in the West Bank as well.

The Reut Institute has warned, following the Gaza disengagement and the Rafah understandings, that the principle of PL demilitarization is slowly eroding and will eventually collapse.

The principle of PL demilitarization is a cornerstone of the Israeli national security vis-à-vis the Palestinians and will affect the nature of future the Israeli-Palestinian border regime and the Permanent Status Agreement.