Elements in Hamas demand dismantling the PA

(Al-Hayat) In view of internal disputes within Hamas following the events in Gaza, voices within Hamas call for dismantling the PA and returning to 'pre-Oslo days'

It appears that the attack carried out by the Hamas military branch in Kerem Shalom has shed light on internal disputes within the movement concerning its goals and objectives. In this context, senior officials in Hamas have called upon it leaders to resign from government, return to military resistance and dismantle the Palestinian Authority.

The Re'ut Institute has followed over the past months the emergence of voices from various Palestinian factions, calling for the dismantling of the PA. These demands have appeared so far in the context of political struggles between Fatah and Hamas. However, a collapse of the PA would old long-term ramifications for Israel:

  • If the Palestinian regime collapses Israel may be held fully responsible for the well-being of the residents of Gaza and the West Bank;
  • In the absence of a Palestinian political entity Israel would not be able to continue its efforts of separation from the Palestinians - be it through an agreement or through unilateral moves.
  • The collapse of the PA may undermine the consensus regarding the two-state solution and reinforce the one-state threat.