Is the US facing a Foreign Policy Crisis?

(Washington Post) Leading commentators claim that the US is facing a severe crisis in foreign relations. Such crisis may siginificantly influence Israel's policy vis-a-vis the Palestinians

A lead article in the Washington Post describes the sense of leading U.S. commentators that the Bush Administration is not coping optimally with a complex global situation.

The writers point out the challenges facing the US in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Somalia, and possibly in the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority. One argument made in the article is that "every situation makes it more difficult to deal with another".

The Reut Institute notes that due to the various international challenges faced by the US, its involvement in and influence on Israeli-Palestinian relations may decrease. Decreasing involvement is already noticeable in the issue of financial aid to the Palestinians and the mediation efforts for the release of the kidnapped Israeli soldier.

Such a shift, if it does materialize, will affect Israel's political flexibility vis-a-vis the Palestinians in general and its ability to rely on international support for unilateral moves in particular.


Abramowitz and Wright, Washington Post, 6/7/06. Full text